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Product, Guide & Other Videos

A Revolution in Air Conditioning

This animated explainer succinctly highlights Close Comfort’s revolutionary technology and its various benefits and uses.

Close Comfort for Cooling Comfort

Close Comfort’s infomercial

Close Comfort for Cooling Comfort (Urdu)

A version of our infomercial for Urdu audiences

Animated Explainer

This animated explainer provides an understanding of how Close Comfort’s revolutionary personal air conditioning technology works with so little energy consumption

Introducing Close Comfort

Introducing Close Comfort, Personal Air Conditioning, a revolutionary way to enjoy air conditioned comfort while consuming less energy

Setting up your Bed Tent Part 1

This video shows how to set up your bed tent on the floor.  Remember to use the L adapter if you set it up on a bed.

Setting up your Bed Tent part 2

This video shows you how to adjust the width of the tent and arrange your bedding.  It also shows ways to increase the cooling during the hottest weather with indoor temperatures around 40-43C.

Bed Tent Folding Guide

Here is a quick little video guide on folding Close Comfort’s Bed Tent