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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Close Comfort?

Close Comfort is the name we chose for our unique air conditioning technology.  It is the name for our company founded by the inventor, James Trevelyan, in 2007.

Where is the company located?

Our head office is located in Singapore with regional offices in Australia and Pakistan.

Who is the inventor of the Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner?

The Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner was invented by James Trevelyan. James is the CEO of Close Comfort and a Professor of Engineering at The University of Western Australia. He’s past experiences includes leading Australian teams who invented sheep shearing robots and robots that can be remotely controlled via the internet as well as research into landmine clearance methods. Find out more about James here.


How many BTUs cooling capcity?

About 2500-3500 BTUs per hour, depending on temperature: that is about 1/4 ton of refrigeration capacity.

What do I get when I purchase Close Comfort?

Close Comfort comes with the personal air conditioning unit and a power cord, instruction manual and in some centres is also supplied with the optional bed tent in a single package.

How long does it take to start cooling?

Close Comfort’s compressor switches on immediately and starts producing cold air after the compressor warm-up time of three minutes.

Can I leave the windows open?

Yes, absolutely.  It’s best to keep windows closed and curtains drawn in the hottest part of the day, but at other times, Close Comfort works best with open windows and fresh outside air.

How close or far do I need to sit from the unit?

Close Comfort uses Smart Air Flow Technology to create a steady stream of cool air that is effective up to 4½ feet (150 cm) from the cold air outlet.

How do you switch the unit on?

The product automatically switches on when both the flaps at the top of the unit are opened.

How large a space can Close Comfort keep cool?

Close Comfort does not cool a whole room; it cools a person by directing cool air just at the person instead of wasting energy keeping the whole room cool.

What is the temperature of the air?

The temperature of the air created by Close Comfort will be comfortably cooler than the temperature of the surrounding air; the temperature automatically varies with local conditions.

How do I use it at night for sleeping?

Close Comfort can be arranged to blow cold air over your bed and it can keep two people cool at night.  In very hot climates (more than 30°C at night) we recommend using it with a patented Close Comfort tent which also provides 100% protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Can I adjust the temperature of the air produced?

There’s no need to. Close Comfort automatically regulates the air temperature, maintaining the most comfortable air temperature for you in any environment.  At night, if you feel cold, use a light blanket or quilt.

Does humidity affect the cooling?

Close Comfort is designed to function in dry and humid climates. Therefore, humidity will not affect the cooling power of the unit.

Does extreme heat affect the cooling?

Close Comfort is made to provide relief from the heat, so it can be used in any indoor climate up to 44°C. In extreme conditions we recommend you use a patented Close Comfort bed tent.  Like any machinery, to avoid overheating, it is advised that the unit be kept out of direct sunlight.

Can I leave the unit running for long periods of time?

Depending on the heat and ventilation, Close Comfort can run 24 hours a day without any problems.  Make sure you check the air filters from time to time and clean them when needed.

Will Close Comfort cool the room I am in?

Close Comfort only needs to cool your head and shoulders to make you feel comfortable.  It does not need to cool the whole room.  That is much more efficient, and it prevents energy wastage and saves electricity.

Does Close Comfort require any consumables to operate?

Close Comfort does not require any water, gas, batteries or ice to operate. It operates solely on electricity.

Does Close Comfort require any special adapters or power outlets?

The unit can be plugged into any standard power outlet.

Does Close Comfort generate any exhaust or water that need pipes connected?

Close Comfort requires no ducting, plumbing or piping of any kind. Water condensed from humid air is re-evaporated, but up to 2 litres of distilled water can be collected if you need it to top up your batteries or for ironing clothes.  The water is not suitable for drinking.

How heavy is the Close Comfort unit?

Close Comfort weighs just 17 kg and is easy to carry. It comes with castor wheels for easy movement and positioning.

How large is the unit?

The entire unit is less than 14” (35 cm) long and 2 feet (61 cm) tall, making it compact and easy to move, position and store in any environment.

Can Close Comfort be used outside?

Yes! On a hot, calm day, Close Comfort can be used outdoors in the fresh air or indoors with the windows and doors open. It needs protection from rain, however.

Do I still need to use conventional air conditioning with Close Comfort?

No. Close Comfort produces enough cool air to keep one or two people at the same location cool and comfortable through the day and night. If you need to cool the entire room for a special occasion or meeting, then you should use a conventional air conditioner just for that time. You can use conventional air conditioning with a higher thermostat setting to obtain better economy, say 28-30°C. Then use Close Comfort where you need a little extra cooling.

Where does the hot air go?

Unlike conventional air conditioners that throw out huge amounts of hot and humid air, Close Comfort exhausts a gentle stream of warm air up to the ceiling where the heat dissipates without warming the room perceptibly.


How much power does Close Comfort consume?

Close Comfort uses just 300-320 Watts of electricity, depending on the conditions.

Exactly how much is 320 Watts?

It is roughly equivalent to about 10-20% of the energy used to run a conventional air conditioner. An electric heater uses about 2000 Watts.  Four incandescent light bulbs typically use 300 Watts.

How is Close Comfort so economic to run?

Conventional air conditioners use nearly all of the electricity to compensate for heat entering the room through the walls, ceiling, floor, windows and doors. Less than 5% of that energy provides cooling for your body. Close Comfort only cools your head and shoulders, and that’s all you need to feel comfortable in normal conditions.

How much do I save with Close Comfort as opposed to a regular air conditioner?

This depends on how much you use your air conditioner on average. However, Close Comfort only uses about 10-20% of a conventional air conditioner, saving you up to 80% on your air conditioner energy expenses.  Depending on how you use it, Close Comfort can save even more.

Can the system run on a generator or on alternate energy sources such as solar?

Yes! Close Comfort can be used on a standard generator or UPS. It can also be powered by alternate power sources such as solar etc.

Comfort & Health

How much noise does Close Comfort make?

Close Comfort is whisper quiet, meaning that it is virtually silent during operation, and is much quieter than typical pedestal fans.

How much draft does it create?

Close Comfort uses Smart Flow Technology to create a gentle stream of cool air as opposed to a blast of wind created by conventional fans or air conditioners.

Is the air produced by Close Comfort harmful for my health?

Close Comfort is actually much more healthy than using a conventional air conditioner because you have fresh air circulating in the room all the time from open windows and doors. Close Comfort does not emit any harmful by-products.

Can I use this product if I have a respiratory condition?

Yes. Close Comfort is 100% safe for people of all ages with any type of breathing ailments.


What cooling technology does Close Comfort use?

Close Comfort uses conventional compressor refrigeration, just like your refrigerator or freezer.

Does Close Comfort use a refrigerant?

Yes. It uses R134a, which is a fluorinated refrigerant gas which is covered by the Montreal Protocol protecting the ozone layer. R134a does not harm the ozone layer significantly.

What kind of compressor does Close Comfort use?

Close Comfort uses a simple, quiet, electric compressor, just like your refrigerator or freezer.

Usage & Maintenance

Does Close Comfort require any installation?

Since Close Comfort does not use an external unit, or require any exhaust or draining, it requires absolutely no installation or support structure of any kind. Just plug in and you’re ready to go!

Where do I place the Close Comfort unit?

As a portable air conditioner, the Close Comfort unit can be placed just about anywhere where an electricity socket is available. For the most effective cooling, it is recommended that you point the unit in your direction and place it no more than 4½ feet (150 cm) away from yourself.

Do I need to clean any of the parts?

Apart from the filters (which can be easily removed and reinserted at a single touch), no other part of the unit requires servicing. If you live in a dusty area, it is recommended to clear the filter once every three months. Otherwise, twice a year is sufficient.

What is the life of this unit?

Depending on its usage, if maintained well, the life of the Close Comfort unit is equal to or greater than the life of a standard air conditioner.

How often do I need to service the unit?

Apart from regular filter cleaning, Close Comfort does not require any servicing. If for any reason the unit malfunctions, it can be taken to your nearest service centre for repairs.

Does Close Comfort come with a warranty?

Yes. Close Comfort comes with a one year warranty (and two years for the compressor).

Will I need spare parts?

No. Close Comfort has nothing that wears out and needs replacing.  Spare parts are available from your supplier if you misplace a filter or another removable part.

Cost & Availability

What is the total cost of Close Comfort?

Close Comfort’s product pricing will vary according to country, state and retailer. For more information on pricing and retailers in your region please register your interest with us here.

How much does it cost to run and how soon would I save the purchase price?

Even if you used Close Comfort for 18 hours a day, you would still be able to recover your initial cost within a few months of purchasing the product because your electricity bills would be significantly lower every month.

Where can I purchase Close Comfort?

We are delighted at your thought of supporting us, please be patient as Close Comfort is rolled out to a store near you. In the meantime register your interest and location (name of country and nearest city) with us here.