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In Australia, you can purchase Close Comfort here for delivery anywhere in Australia.

Before you buy Close Comfort, please make sure you understand how Close Comfort provides localized cooling. Rather than waste electricity by cooling the whole room, Close Comfort provides cool air directed at people using it.  Learn about Close Comfort here before you buy.

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PC9+plus Model Air Conditioner

Our luxury product + inverter technology + remote control + extra air flow

Our luxury model, the PC9+plus model air conditioner, with 35% more air flow, variable fan speed and cooling power, remote control operation, super quiet at medium and low speed.

  • 120 m3/hour air flow
  • Whisper quiet, you won’t even hear it
  • Three speed operation – low, medium and high
  • Remote control, automatic thermostat control
  • 293 Watts power consumption
  • Easy to carry or move on its wheels: same size as airline carry-on roller suitcase
  • Only 17 kg weight

Cool Focus

Doubles the cooling effect of your air conditioner (Available June 2017)

Simple to install

Fits all models: PC9+plus, PC9, PC8

Amplifies cool air speed and cooling effect from Close Comfort.

No extra power consumption.

No extra noise.

Magic: redirects air jet up to the height you need it.

Avoid placing air conditioner on platform, desk or stool.

Luxury Box Tent

A space to relax day and night

Imported durable luxury, the latest in self-erecting tent technology, Australian technology and quality. This spacious tent will keep you bug-free and cool through the hottest summer nights. It fits double beds up to King size (210 cm x 210 cm) and comfortably fits two sleeping adults and a small child if necessary.

  • Light weight construction – only 4 kg
  • Fully washable
  • Bottom panel detachable for hand washing
  • Large entrance doors which are easy for older people

Close Comfort Prices

All Close Comfort Products normally sell at these recommended retail prices.  Dealers may offer special discount prices from time to time.

The advantage of Close Comfort is its low electricity consumption: you save about $3.50 a night compared with the running cost for a normal AC.

PC9+plus Model Air Conditioner $649
Luxury Bed Tent (made in China) to be announced

Your electricity use for night time sleeping will be only $30 per month.  In five months just the cost of running a normal air conditioner most nights in a typical bedroom would be nearly $400.

And, you can use your air conditioner anywhere, even outside.  No installation. No pipes.

And you will be protected from mosquitoes inside your tent with no chemicals.  You sleep in fresh air with windows open so you wake feeling better and healthy.

Close Comfort is also available throughout Australia through online stores.

Please remember, Close Comfort provides localised cooling: it does not cool the whole room.  Learn more about daytime use here and learn about sleeping with Close Comfort here.  Please call our office on (08) 9386 3257 (11 am – 7 pm Eastern Australia time) and our friendly staff can help answer your questions.

Otherwise, check out our questions and answers pages here:

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Learn more about daytime use here and learn about sleeping with Close Comfort here.

Check out our questions and answers pages here:

Questions and Answers – English

Or, please call our office on (08) 9386 3257 (11 am – 7pm Eastern Australia time) and our friendly staff can help answer your questions.