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Close Comfort is a revolution in air conditioning: a new green and energy-efficient solution for a warming, resource-constrained planet.  Close Comfort is being launched in Australia for the first time now.

Learn more about Close Comfort and how it can help you: click here.

Find out where you can buy Close Comfort and how to use personal air conditioners to enjoy real air conditioned comfort for less than 10 cents per hour.

Close Comfort Pty Ltd is the sole distributor of Close Comfort products designed in Australia, and made in China under Australian supervision.

For dealers, Close Comfort offers a great business opportunity. You can attract more customers interested in air conditioning and enjoy more income from sales and less storage space for the same turnover.

Learn more about the advantages of Close Comfort for dealers.


Call us on (08) 9386 3257 (11 am – 7 pm Eastern Australia time) and our staff will help you understand how Close Comfort can help your business.

Learn how you can use Close Comfort

Learn why Close Comfort requires so little energy

Tent Demonstration Videos

We recommend our bed tent for tropical and hot locations where the indoor night time temperature is over 28C. Elsewhere you can use Close Comfort without a tent, or with a mosquito net if necessary.

How to set up your tent

How to set up bedding and get extra cooling in hot weather

How to fold your tent

Please call our office on (08) 9386 3257 (11 am – 7 pm Eastern Australia time) and our friendly staff can answer your questions.

Learn more about daytime use here and learn about sleeping with Close Comfort here.

Otherwise, check out our questions and answers pages here: http://closecomfort.com/oz/buying-guide-questions-and-answers/

Watch our videos – see the video tab on this page.

Reach out to our Facebook site here: http://www.facebook.com/CloseComfortInternational

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