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About Us

The people and story behind Close Comfort

Close Comfort is a multinational in its infancy.

We started in 2007 in Perth, Western Australia, home city of the inventor, Professor James Trevelyan.

Perth is our hub for ongoing research and development, seeking greater affordability, less power consumption and high standards of quality control for supervised manufacture in China.

Seven years of research and development have gone into the first product, the PC8 model air conditioner.  We had to understand human physiology, behaviour and subtle aspects of thermodynamics.  We built over 60 prototypes to test the technology in all kinds of conditions.

The primary commercial hub of the company is Close Comfort International Private Limited in Singapore.

Our Pakistan company was incorporated in 2014 and distributes Close Comfort products imported from Singapore.  The company employs a growing sales force with engineering and administrative support.

Our vision is to provide as many people as possible with affordable, sustainable, air conditioned comfort with the least possible energy.

This is aligned with the company’s aim to build a profitable business that advances the lives of people, providing comfort and pleasure from ingenious and sustainable technology designed with a rich understanding of human behaviour.

The inventor and founder of Close Comfort, Professor James Trevelyan, adores the delicious mangoes that ripen in the summer heat of tropical countries like India and Pakistan.  However, for many years he had to put up with disturbed sleep caused by the inevitable power interruptions associated with power grids overloaded with too many power-hungry air conditioners.  He knew that sleep could be much more refreshing with continuous air conditioning.

After a series of experiments between 2007 and 2009, he realised that it is possible to create a sensation of cool comfort with minimal power, less than 400 Watts.  Working with the help of his students, he steadily developed a compact portable air conditioning prototype that could run on a battery backup power supply common in tropical countries.

With the support of his family, he directed the company from its inception, developing ever more affordable prototype designs that could be manufactured on a mass scale.

His vision is that everyone living in hot and uncomfortable climates can enjoy personal air conditioning without having to expand electricity production and power networks.  In the long-term, we can store enough solar energy to provide all the cooling we need at night and transform the lives of billions of people.

James Trevelyan is Emeritus Professor in the School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering at The University of Western Australia: he retired from UWA after serving there since 1975.  He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, and practices as a mechanical and mechatronics engineer developing new air conditioning technology.

His main area of research is on engineering practice and he has recently published a major book: “The Making of an Expert Engineer”. He teaches mechanical design, sustainability, engineering practice and project management.

He is well known internationally for pioneering research that resulted in sheep shearing robots (1975-1993).  He and his students produced the first industrial robot that could be remotely operated via the internet in 1994. He was presented with the 1993 Engelberger Science and Technology Award in Tokyo in recognition of his work: this is the leading international award for robotics research.  He has twice been presented with the Japan Industrial Robot Association award for best papers at robotics conferences.  He has also received university, national and international awards for his teaching and papers on engineering education.

From 1996 till 2002 he researched landmine clearance methods and his web site is an internationally respected reference point for information on landmines.  He was awarded with honorary membership of the Society of Counter Ordnance Technology in 2002 for his efforts.

Professor Trevelyan’s web page is  http://www.mech.uwa.edu.au/jpt/ providing further information on his research.  Read his blog at JamesPTrevelyan.com.

Atif Saeed who directs our Pakistan operation has been in sales and marketing since 1995.  Before he joined Close Comfort in 2017, he led sales campaigns in electronics and mobile phones across large regions of Pakistan.  He also has extensive experience with pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods, beverages and food.  He completed an MBA in Information Technology and Bachelor of Marketing from Kohat University in 2004 and before that a Bachelor of Science from Peshawar University.